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240V DC power supply system combination
:2020-04-22 18:34:15:

240V DC power supply system combination

1. System introduction

The standard configuration of the system is 380V input of one AC mains;

Maximum 10 rectifier modules can be configured, each with a capacity of 240V / 50A (15kw) and a total capacity of 240V / 500A (150KW);

It is mainly composed of AC distribution unit, rectifier module, monitoring unit and DC distribution unit;

Cut continuously.

2. Main functions

Replace UPS system (less than 200KVA) or new data center room and communication core network room power system;

According to the user's requirements, two-way AC power input can be customized and equipped with mechanical interlock or ATS automatic transfer switch;

According to user's demand, DC output fuse or circuit breaker, specification, size and brand can be customized;

The number of rectifier modules is configured according to the load of the user's machine room, which is convenient for expansion.

3. Application scenario

IDC data center, telephone office, transmission trunk line, exchange office, government agency, cultural media, transportation, energy, hospital and other fields

4. Quality service

According to the needs of users, the UPS system shall be transformed and replaced, and the site survey and design shall be carried out, and the reasonable transformation scheme shall be formulated;

According to the user's needs, the new communication room, field survey and design, and develop a reasonable new 240 system plan;