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Indoor frame power system
:2020-04-22 18:28:42:

Indoor frame power system(图1)

1. System introduction

The standard configuration of the system is 380V input of one AC mains;

Six rectifier modules are configured as standard, each with a capacity of 48V / 50A and a total capacity of 240V / 300A.

2. Main functions

Replace the rectifier module and monitoring module of the high-frequency switching power supply in the machine room, and retain the AC power distribution unit and DC power distribution unit of the original power system;

During the construction and transformation, it can be continuously cut and connected by electricity.

The number of rectifier modules is configured according to the load of the user's machine room, which is convenient for expansion.

3. Application scenario

Communication equipment with DC 48V power supply, such as communication room, operator base station, China Mobile Unicom access network room, telephone office, etc.

4. Quality service

According to the needs of users, the high-frequency switching power supply system shall be transformed and replaced, field investigation and design shall be carried out, and a reasonable transformation scheme shall be formulated;

Organize the training of power supply system of subrack.