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Small power DC remote power supply system
:2020-04-22 18:26:43:

1、 Small power DC remote power supply system

1. Local equipment: DC48V DC power input, dc440v DC power output. The system is equipped with 5 power modules, each 1kW, a total of 5kW, which can be output by 2 parallel machines with a total capacity of 10kW.

2. Remote equipment: dc200-400v DC power input, DC (54 ± 2%) V DC power output or AC220 AC power output. There are three specifications: 600W, 1000W, 1500W and 2500W.


2、 Construction case of low power DC remote power supply system

1. RF remote unit (RRU) independent installation application (point-to-point)

(1) Application scenario:

BBU is installed in Hongji station or access machine room, RRU is mounted on the roof, and the distance from BBU base station is ≤ 3 ㏎

(2) Local end: (ztj)

Input voltage: - 48V

Output voltage: dc250-400v, continuously adjustable

Output power: 5000W

Each local device corresponds to a remote device

Each 19 inch, 4U high chassis can hold 5 office modules

Installed in the macro base station or access computer room where the BBU is located, use - 48V power supply in the base station

(3) Remote end (ZTY)

Input voltage: DC250 ~ 400V or AC220V

Output voltage: 48V or AC220V

Output power: 600W or 1000W or 1500W

Waterproof shell, hanging on the lower part of RRU equipment.

(4) Transmission distance: distance ≤ 3km

(5) Transmission cable: composite optical cable (copper core sectional area ≤ 1.5mm2) or power line

(6) Scope of application: RRU stations that are not easy to access power in urban areas or with unstable AC power supply.

(7) Advantages:

It can make the site selection convenient and not affected by the power supply.

It can avoid the power failure of base station caused by local power failure or battery failure, and can greatly improve the quality of network service.

It can save the long-term maintenance cost of outdoor ups.

It can save the extra cost of AC power.