Lead acid battery
Lead acid battery

Product characteristics

Simple maintenance

It adopts flame-retardant and super strong ABS shell and high polymer epoxy resin glue technology for sealing. It has beautiful appearance, firm structure, reliable sealing and no leakage. It does not need regular water supplement or acid supplement during the whole service life。

Excellent performance

The grid is made of special alloy, which strictly controls the impurities in separator, electrolyte and each process. The self discharge electrode is low.

The plate, bus bar and pole adopt the optimized design, the partition resistance is very low, so the internal resistance of the battery is small and the discharge performance of large current is good.

Using pure German colloid technology and ultra-fine glass fiber (AGM) separator, its internal resistance is low and its high rate discharge performance is good.

Special additives are added to the positive and negative paste. High utilization rate of active substance, strong capacity of overcharge and overdischarge.

The special combined labyrinth pole seal structure and welding process are adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of the seal.

Safe and reliable

The safety valve can accurately control the opening and closing valve pressure, which can not only release too much gas caused by misoperation or overcharge, but also prevent the external gas or Mars from entering the battery to cause self discharge or burst, with excellent performance and long service life.

Technical performance

Charging performance

Floating charge: the battery is charged with constant voltage and current limiting type, with charging voltage of 13.60v/battery and initial charging current0.1C10A-0.15C10A。

Recycling: the battery is charged with constant voltage and current limiting type, with charging voltage of 14.40v/battery and initial charging current0.15C10A-0.18C10A。

Test cycle detection: the battery is charged with constant voltage and current limiting type, with charging voltage of 14.70v/battery, initial charging current of 0.15c10a-0.18c10a, and the current value is stable for 5h.

Supplementary power: if the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it shall be stored after sufficient floating charge before storage, and the storage time shall not exceed 12 months. Before use, it shall be used after sufficient power according to the recycling conditions.

Discharge performance

Discharge characteristics: the discharge capacity of battery decreases with the increase of discharge current, otherwise, the discharge capacity increases; the discharge capacity of battery increases with the increase of temperature, and decreases with the decrease of temperature.

Self discharge performance

The battery adopts a unique formula of electrolyte additive, which can be stored at room temperature for 12 months, and the capacity is kept over 80%.

After the battery is stored for a period of time, the remaining capacity of the battery can be approximately obtained by the open circuit voltage


The battery is discharged from the factory with uniform charge. Be careful to avoid short circuit during transportation and installation.

The battery pack has a high voltage, so insulating tools shall be used in installation, use and maintenance to prevent electric shock.

The connecting cables shall be as short as possible to prevent excessive voltage drop.

Before installing the terminal connector and conducting the battery system, check the total voltage and positive and negative poles of the battery system to ensure the correct installation.


The floating charge total voltage shall be adjusted when it exceeds the range of (13.60 ± 0.20) × NV, (n refers to the number of batteries), otherwise the battery life will be affected.

Check the floating charge voltage of a single battery once a month, and make records. If the floating charge voltage difference exceeds 0.5V after six months of operation, contact the manufacturer and send someone to deal with it.

Check whether the connection part is loose once a year and handle it in time.

The optimum ambient temperature is 15 ℃ - 25 ℃ for long service life, and the battery can work at - 35 ℃ - 50 ℃.

Try to avoid over discharge (the discharge voltage is lower than the termination voltage) and over charge (the charging voltage is higher than the floating charge voltage for a long time), and charge as soon as possible after discharge, otherwise the service life of the battery will be affected.

Do not use organic solvent to clean the battery with soapy water, and avoid wiping the battery with a dry cloth that is easy to generate static electricity.

If the battery needs to be stored, disconnect the battery pack from the charging equipment and load, and keep the environment cool, dry and ventilated.

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Communication power switch

application area:

It is widely used in posts and telecommunications, telecommunication, mobile, Unicom, army, government, school, television and radio. These units have their own communication network, which requires 24 sets of 1 or 2 sets of switching power supply 
 48V and battery 2V series batteries to supply power for communication equipment in parallel. When the mains power is interrupted, the battery pack will supply power for communication equipment uninterruptedly。


Uninterruptible power supply

application area:

It is widely used in financial, electric power, organs, hospitals, schools, aviation, aerospace, military, communications, television, radio, industry, enterprises and other units. The network server, data center, precision instrument and office business of these units do not need to disconnect the AC power supply, otherwise it will cause incalculable losses to the units. This problem can be solved by using UPS backup battery pack