smart city light pole
Intelligent lamp post

Intelligent lamp post(图1)

Intelligent lamp post

Intelligent lamp pole is a new type of intelligent equipment based on lamp pole, which integrates audio and video monitoring equipment, wireless base station, WiFi hotspot, multimedia screen, charging post, weather, environment and other sensors. Relying on the powerful integrated management platform, it has realized many applications such as intelligent lighting, green energy, intelligent security, wireless city, interconnection, intelligent perception, intelligent transportation, intelligent municipal administration, etc。 


Intelligent light pole Internet of things platform

Based on the "intelligent light pole networking system" independently developed by Zhongta Xinxing Group, taking the urban light pole as the main spatial infrastructure, the intelligent tower pole as the carrier of the perception interaction layer, and the network layer applying "NB IOT system" as the main technical communication means, the collected traffic information, environmental information, river information and security information are calculated and analyzed to form a big data level Platform layer, to achieve smart city management on the application level of urban lighting, security, energy, municipal and other public facilities operation control。