Micro station power supply
Integrated power supply



Customer value:

1、Adopt full front wiring, support wall hanging and embedded installation, flexible use

2、It can output AC 220V and DC 48V at the same time, with high matching

3、Up to 30A charging capacity for fast charging

4、Compatible with lead acid and lithium iron batteries

5、It is equipped with power on self start and DC cold start, RS232 communication interface and 3 dry nodes to realize unattended operation

Integrated cabinet composed of integrated power supply:


Portable power supply composed of integrated power supply

The ups host, lithium battery and power distribution are integrated into a pull rod box to make a portable power supply. It has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, lightness, intelligence, standardization and environmental protection, which can realize rapid emergency power supply。


Integrated power supply application scenario

  •  Power solutions

The integrated power supply is used to provide power supply guarantee for traffic control and security monitoring equipment. When the city power fails to supply power, the integrated power supply can be automatically switched to battery inverter power supply to avoid the chaos of traffic order caused by the city power failure。


  • Traffic lights


  • Intelligent transportation


  • Smart bus


  • Etc free flow toll station