High voltage DC power supply
Hvdc240 / 500A combined system



Zt-dum high-voltage DC power supply system highlights the advantages of communication and integrated overall technology.

The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high safety, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and expansion, energy saving and environmental protection。

The system is suitable for all kinds of data center and LED lighting system. This series of products have been widely used by communication operators, bat and other customers.


Data center computer room of Gaoping Public Security Bureau, Shanxi Province

Gaoping Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province has two data center computer rooms, which are respectively located on the 4th and 11th floors of the office building, with more than 200 servers, switches and transmission equipment.

lThe power supply room is located at - 1 floor, equipped with 4 sets of UPS power supply, of which 2 sets have frequent faults for a long time, which directly affects the operation safety of the data center.

lProject engineering: install one set of combined 240V / 500A system of our company to replace two sets of UPS power supply with frequent faults. The system is fully equipped with 10 rectifier modules, four rectifier modules, and the total output current is 200A. In the later stage, according to the load situation, online capacity expansion can be carried out.